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Canada Work Permit From UAE

Is work permit a good option when you are planning to immigrate to Canada?

One of the best possible modes of Canada immigration is through the pathway of work permit and owing to the low cost and effective benefits of employment attached in a high tech country like Canada many people have utilized the benefits of migration through the work permit. Thereby, making their dreams come true. In the following section let us look at the ways to Get Canada work permit in detail -

Canada Work Permit From UAE

What is a Work Permit?

Work Permit is an authorization granted to a Foreign National to work for a Specific Employer for a particular period of time. It is imperative that the occupation selected by the candidate should be from the National Occupation Classification (NOC) list. The Work permit is a validation of the stay for a temporary basis, and the work permit for Canada is allotted for a two-year time frame which can be extended with conditions attached as per the requirements of the employer and credentials of the foreign nationals.

Get Canada Work Permit

Every year, almost 300,000 workers from outside of Canada come to work in the country on Temporary Foreign Worker Work Permit which is also Known as W1 Worker Visa. The work permit is a pre-requisite requirement for those foreign nationals who are planning o work in Canada. Now, this is a legal process. Hence, it is imperative that one understand the steps for Canada work permit adequately and then undertake the proceedings forward under the guidance of a reliable and trusted Immigration consultancy service.

Let us understand the necessary steps for Canada work permit lucidly

Migrate To Canada From Dubai

Core Step 1 - A foreign national must receive employment offer Letter from a Canadian employer Supported by a Positive LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) Issued by Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

Core Step 2 - The foreign national worker should submit an application for the Temporary Work Permit by the Canadian High Commission.
While these two are the core two steps for the immigration proceedings, there are loads of intricacies involved which will ensure the smooth immigration work permit proceedings for the applicant. For this the credentials of the candidate and also the country to which he/she belongs also play an imperative role in the proceedings.

Now, let us look at these steps for Canada work permit in detail with respect to the understanding of crucial terms and their roles attached-

Step 1

Labour Market Testing and LMIA Application by Employer

It is a crucial step to be undertaken by the Canadian employer. Here, the employer must complete Labour Market Testing to invite a foreign national to work in his company. This means any employer who wants to hire a foreign worker must advertise for the said position in local job boards and Canadian Job bank and if he doesn’t find a suitable applicant from Inside Canada he can apply with Employment and Social Development Canada to obtain a positive LMIA to hire a foreign worker. For charitable and religious work this LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) certificate is not required rest it is a necessary document for work permit migration

Step 2

Work Permit for Canada application by a Foreign Worker

Foreign Worker applies for Work Permit in his home country at Canadian High Commission with all the necessary documents. His application must be supported by his own credentials like Job Reference Letter from all his previous employers in last ten years, Educational certificates, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Salary slips, Proof of adequate funds, PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) issued from all countries applicant has lived in last ten years.
If the candidate is applying to the province of Quebec, then an additional certificate of approval needs to be obtained from the Quebec government.

Step 3

Assessment of Visa Application by Case Officer

The allocation of the Work permit will depend mainly on the selection of the candidate. Visa Officer assesses the applicant’s case and only after verification of the documents submitted by a foreign worker the (W1) Worker Visa is granted. Please note that W1 Worker Visa is only the Visa which will allow you to take a flight to Canada. Work Permit is only granted at the POE in Canada. For this, the Canadian High Commission issues POE Letter to the applicant.

Step 4

Get Canada Work Permit at a point of entry

It is the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer who will grant the Canadian Temporary Work Permit after verification from the Foreign Worker at the point of entry when the foreign worker arrives in Canada. Please note every foreign worker must carry point of entry Letter along with offer letter, LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) copy when traveling to Canada failure to do so can result in work permit being cancelled at the point of entry in Canada

Validity and conditions attached with Work Permit for Canada

A Temporary Foreign Worker Work Permit is granted for a period of 2 years and can be further extended depending on mutual consent between an employer and employee. A Work Permit is always granted for a specific skill National Occupation Classification(NOC) Code in Canada, and the foreign worker must have prior experience in that particular National Occupation Classification(NOC) code. One thing that can define lucidity is that the Work Permit is a closed category. Hence, the foreign national will have to work for the specified employer only for a particular period of time. If an employee is dissatisfied with the new job or the employer then a new employer should be sought who is willing to give him / her new LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). The employee can apply for and receive a new Work Permit before performing another job in Canada.

Note that a Canadian Temporary Foreign Worker Work Permit is for those foreign workers only who plan on working in Canada for a particular period of time for a specific employer. Once you are in Canada and have worked in Canada for at least one year, then you have different options open as you can also gain permanent residency (PR)status and expand the circle of your benefits. However, a Temporary Work Permit is a stepping stone to get Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) Status.

Once the employee reaches in Canada on a Temporary Work Permit, then the pathway of Permanent Residence under the Canadian Experience Class (CEC) also opens for the applicant, through a Skilled Worker category, or one of the Provincial Nominee Programs. Hence, this becomes a win-win situation for the applicant.

Understanding the Open Work Permit for Canada

It is not like work permit has limitations attached and is a restricted category for applicants immigration; there are useful options in the work permit pathway as well. Such as Open Work Permit for Canada.

There have been cases where Canadian immigration regulations have allowed for Open Work Permits, which are not employer-specific and they can be granted to spouses of Closed Work Permit Holder’s. Open Work Permit allows you to work for any employer in any occupation and in any industry domain. Like closed work permit, you do not have a restriction to work in a specific skill set, with one particular employer. Also under an open work permit, you do not have restrictions to work for only one employer. You can work for two employers at a given time, and you do not have restrictions of working for particular hours as in case of a closed work permit. Further, Open work permits are also allocated to the applicants through the Post Graduate work permit program to international students.

What is the intended time to get a work permit for Canada?

Once the LMIA request is achieved then the process to get a work permit for Canada starts. It is only after the LMIA that the applicant can apply for the work permit for Canada and in this process, a large role is played by who is applying for the workpermit, at which positions, and where the employer is placed. Depending on a lot of factors the extension is also considered at times. However, the basic processing time is usually two months but the time frame can also experience changes as per the immigrant's homeland as well.

If you are planning to get Canada Work Permit, then it is advisable to undergo the process with the help of a professional consultant who will help you evaluate your options concretely and undertake the best possible decision before migration. You can contact our expert's team at dnss@hireindians.co.in

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